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Step Into Health Care
Telehealth Appointments

Step Into Health Care now provide a safe, social and physical distancing compliant consultations via Online Virtual Appointment.

Consultations are compliant with Government requirements and WHO guidelines. This allows treatment without having to leave the comfort and safety of your home.

Provides a treatment option to people who don’t know where to go for pain relief given the current demand on the health care system.
Ensures continued access to your practitioner when in clinic treatments may not be possible.
Maintains continuity of care by a practitioner that you know and trust and who already knows your medical and treatment history

What can be delivered via Telehealth?

A check in to make sure you’re on track with recovery and management

Advice and management on new injuries or problems

Check on your ergonomics if you are working from home

Conduct some screening tests

Prescribe or modify exercises for mobility, strength and/or pain relief

Make sure you are doing all the right things and not the wrong ones

Recommend self-help techniques, massage or therapies

Provide positive reinforcement and reassurance through open discussion – an avenue for ongoing support/advice

Assessing current treatment program and progress, responding to questions and discussing new symptoms

Provide exercises, demonstrations, advice on home office ergonomics, posture advice or check if anything can be done to ease those symptoms prior to physical visit

Identifying red flags that may require immediate further investigation or medical attention

Weekly ‘top tip’ or ‘tip of the week’ while at home. For example, how to set up a home workspace, basic exercises to counteract the sedentary lifestyle, massage demo etc

For new patients – facilitates the same quality of care that would be provided in clinic for initial consults that involves a detailed medical history, visual structural assessment and detailed understanding of the presenting complaint

Follow up appointments we access movement and update exercise prescription or treatment plan

SHIC What Our Patients Say

“Our shared goal is to get you pain free and mobile”