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Your Local Exercise Physiologist centrally located in Braddon Canberra. 

Exercise Physiology for Sports Injuries Braddon Canberra

How does exercise physiology help you?

Exercise Physiology is client focused exercise based care. Just like medicines are prescribed for various conditions, Exercise Physiologists use exercise as medicine to address your underlying problem, so it’s time to get your body moving! We take the time to listen and understand what is causing your pain or pathology, what it is stopping you from doing and getting you back on track.

What is exercise physiology?

AEP’s (Accredited Exercise Physiologist) are university qualified professionals that use exercise as medicine to help manage or prevent clinical conditions, reduce pain, strengthen your body, improve your functionality and decrease sedentary activity.

An AEP has extensive knowledge of the pathophysiology of many different clinical conditions, as well as knowledge of how different modes, frequencies and intensities of exercise can have positive physiological changes within the body.

Exercise Physiologists use Exercise as Medicine to Help Reduce Pain. Exercise Physio Braddon Canberra
Exercise Physiology Treatment Plan Braddon Canberra

What will treatment involve?

Every problem is unique and every session reflects your improvements. An AEP will create an evidence based exercise intervention to address your individual problem or needs and work with you to reach your goals.

Our AEP’s work with you to help you understand what the problem is, what the underlying causes may be and walk you through your exercise program. Exercise equipment is used both in the clinic and at home that is right for you. Each session is monitored and adjusted to your progress and have you back on track in optimal time.

What does exercise physiology cover?

Exercise Physiology addresses a wide range of conditions and areas of your treatment plan including:

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Musculoskeletal injury & pain

We offer many solutions for muscle and joint pain, both acute or chronic and tailor exercises that are right for you.

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Lower back & neck pain

Headaches, migraines or back aches are common conditions we see, especially given the sedentary nature of office work, so it’s time to get you moving again.
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Occupational injury

Many injuries at work or RSI require rehab to stretch and strengthen your body in ways to get you job fit and ready for work again.
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Loading of your bones and regular weight bearing activity may help to strengthen your muscles, create new bone growth and improve strength.
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Core & pelvic floor strengthening

Support your back and move from a great strength base. This is ideal for back pain, post partum, surgery or pelvic issues.
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Diabetes & obesity

Exercise helps regulate your body energy levels and also manages your weight in a fun and confidence building way.

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Cardiovascular disease

Weight management, monitoring your tolerance and tailoring a program for your needs is our aim.
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Asthma & COPD

Learning to exercise in an appropriate way and target your breathing patterns is a great way to manage your asthma.
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Falls prevention & balance

Build your confidence and reduce the risk of a disabling fall in a way that is tailored to you and your lifestyle.

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Cancer management

Managing and supporting you through treatment with exercise is based on your individual tolerance and goals.

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Depression & anxiety

Getting your body and mind moving through exercise, especially through tough times is a key to getting you back on track.

  • All prices include GST
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologists are located in Braddon Canberra
  • Payment can be made by cash, cheque, Eftpos, Visa or Mastercard. We do not accept American Express.
  • We use HICAPS for private health insurance rebates.

Do we offer discounts

Yes. We’re pleased to offer a $10 discount for Seniors cardholders, health care cardholders or full-time student cardholders over the age of 13 for appointments between 11am-3pm Monday to Friday. Your discount will be applied at time of payment.

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What training do Exercise Physiologists have?
AEP complete a 4 year university degree with 360hrs of clinical placement.
What do I need to bring to my appointment?
Relevant medical history paperwork, drink bottle, appropriate clothes and shoes for exercise, any required medications (asthma puffer, nitroglycerin spray), if you have diabetes bring your blood glucose monitor.
Is AEP covered by my private health insurance, Medicare, workers compensation insurance, NDIS, DVA, NDIS or Comcare?

Yes, AEP’s are recognised providers. AEP is covered by most private health funds and by Medicare’s Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plans. AEP’s are also registered providers for DVA, Comcare, workers’ compensation schemes and NDIS patients. If you are elgible here is what you need to do:

Private Health Insurance:

Ask your fund if you are covered for AEP
If you are, please bring your card

Medicare AHMR program, for up to five AEP treatments per year:

You must have a referral and AHMR plan from your GP
Please bring your letter of referral and Medicare card
Your treatment must be paid in full at the end of your session
Rebates can then only be paid back onto a savings or debit card

Workers’ compensation insurance:

Please bring you referral paperwork

Please bring your case number and letter of referral

If you’re a white cardholder, you must have a referral from your GP for the specific part(s) of the body which require treatment
If you’re a gold cardholder, treatment is covered for any body part however you must have a referral from your GP.
Both white and gold card holders require a referral from their GP after each 12 treatment blocks.

Please bring along any relevant paperwork or referral
You will be made aware of costs of treatment upfront as part of your treatment plan