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A baby’s entrance into the world can involve a lot of stress and strain during birth. Labour can be prolonged or intervention may be required, which could potentially result in musculoskeletal strains.

Some common occurring problems that Osteopaths may be able to treat from a musculoskeletal perspective only:

  • Digestive complaints*
  • Reflux or constipation*
  • Feeding problems*
  • Sleeping problems*
  • Unsettledness*
  • Birth strain such as head moulding or neck strain*

*There is currently no evidence to support that Osteopathy may be able to affect the musculoskeletal aspect of this problem.

Osteopaths are primary health care practitioners, and are trained to recognise indicators requiring referral when required. We may also communicate and/or refer to healthcare specialists including the family GP, Paediatrician and accompanying parent or guardian.

What will treatment involve?

During an appointment, a case history is taken, followed by an Osteopathic and physical examination to help identify and diagnose the problem being experienced. Our Osteopaths will work with you and your baby to formulate an appropriate plan moving forward.

Treatment, utilising a range of very gentle techniques may help alleviate musculoskeletal symptoms. Generally, gentle Cranial Osteopathy and indirect release techniques are employed during treatment. Step Into Health Care does not use spinal manipulations on babies or infants.

A consultation may also include relevant advice which may help improve musculoskeletal symptoms and implement an overall management plan.


Some appointment tips:

  • Try to schedule an appointment at a time of day when your baby is generally settled
  • If possible, ensure your baby has had a feed or snack before treatment
  • If possible, ensure your baby has had a sleep or rest before treatment
  • Bringing along their favourite small toy or book can be helpful



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